Author: Alan Ayckbourn
Director: John Cotgrave
Producer: Dick & Lottie

Theatre One

12/11/19 – 12/29/19


Absurd Person Singular

Join the Hopcrofts, Jacksons and Brewtser-Wrights in this revival of Alan Ayckbourn’s 1972 classic British Christmas comedy, Absurd Person Singular, brought to you by the renowned British theatre company – Dick & Lottie.

Set in three kitchens over three Christmases, the play charts the relentless rise of the socially aspiring Hopcrofts at the expense of two other couples.

Last Christmas, the Hopcrofts’ seasonal drinks party for a few select friends and guests turned out a near disaster.

This Christmas, round at the Jacksons’ it’s been an even worse chapter of accidents.

What on earth is going to happen next year when they all meet up at the Brewster-Wrights’?

Alan Ayckbourn’s classic 1972 comedy of three kitchens, Christmas catastrophes and calculated social climbing is presented here in a sparkling new revival.