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Builder’s Circle Members

Our deepest thanks to the inaugural members of our Builder’s Circle. Join them here. TR Fall 2020 Appeal Anonymous Kevin Alger Susan Amkraut & Steve Shapiro Mikey Bogese Sheri Chromow Emily & Richard Cohen Ciara Cornelius Shirley A. Doss Leigh E. Jody Falco & Jeffrey Steinman Donald L. Farwell Kelly L. Harris Anne D. Herrmann Christopher Joy & Cathy Velenchik Jennie Greer & Simon Kendall Josh & Ashley Landay John LaRosa George McCabe Carol Nadell Roslyn Raskin Erica Reetz Wendy Rowden & John Carton Keri Scaggs Allison & Ken Shillingford Michael Wien & Miriam Shire Ann Winton Ali Viterbi Jones Yorke Todd M. Geringswald