Book, Music & Lyrics by Neil Klein

Direction by Ley Nikfarjam

Rebecca Batson (SM)
Brenna Comeau (ASM)
Lee Lillis (Lighting Designer)
Cam Dasher (Sound Designer)
Jack Golden (Scenic Designer)
Izzy McClelland (Costume Designer)


Jack Spalding (Jughead Jones)
Max Raymond (Archie Andrews)
Delaney Ager (Betty Cooper)
Ariana Montoya (Veronica Lodge)
Jillian Doherty (Cheryl Blossom)
Jordan Lemus (Toni Topaz)
Connor Kopko (Jason Blossom/Reggie Mantle)
Max Vaupen (Kevin Keller)
Francisco Alegria (Hiram Lodge)

Theatre One
$38.50- $62.50

Archie’s Weird Parody

Archie’s Weird Parody, the Archie and Riverdale parody musical about doomed narratives is coming to Theater Row.

Archie’s Weird Parody follows Jughead, after realizing that he is trapped in a doomed narrative. He discovers the killing of Jason Blossom is what starts Riverdale’s descent into madness. So, with help from Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Cheryl, he adventures through the story to try to stop it. But with a guilty audience that is always watching, can anyone ever really escape?

With a rock musical theater score, Archie’s Weird Parody uses Archie characters to make audiences ponder questions of suburbia. How safe is suburbia for marginalized people? Are generational cycles escapable? What happens when we demand more?

Archie’s Weird Parody is created with love for these characters, and for everyone who has ever wondered what happens when the curtain falls.

“Archie’s Weird Parody” is not authorized by, approved by, affiliated with, associated with, or otherwise connected to, Archie Comics Publications, Archie Comics, or Riverdale, and all rights to the characters, storylines, and all other elements of “Archie” and “Riverdale” are owned and reserved by Archie and/or their respective rights-owners.


Masks must be worn inside the building at all times.
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All tickets include a $2.50 Restoration Fee
$5.00 Service Fee will be added to tickets purchased online or by phone


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