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$25-35 + $2.50 Restoration Fee

Broadway Bound Theatre Festival 2022

Broadway Bound Theatre Festival is a boutique theatre showcase that annually presents a collection of 20+ original productions. Founded in 2016, with our first season premiering the following summer, BBTF has maintained unwavering commitment to professionally producing new works and training playwrights to self produce. Since our inception, we have been devoted to the evolution of our artists and their work to create great theatre that continues to live long after their BBTF premieres.

In honor of our 5th anniversary, we’re presenting a condensed version of our season in 2022. Normally a four-week season following an extensive submission and selection process, we decided to produce six works from local BBTF alumni all in one weekend. That’s right: One performance for each show. These include some of our favorite plays and even one new work. All our playwrights in 2022 live in New York City and have successfully produced with BBTF in years past. 


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6/24/2022 @ 5:00 PM
In a world similar to ours, a woman seeks customer service assistance in resolving an issue of vital importance: a defunct reproductive system.
Ramona is dealing with infertility issues and seeks solutions from customer service and technical support in order to rectify her one big problem: the inability to have children. Customer service guru Magda and her intern Lino step in to help, but soon find that some problems are beyond the reach of traditional customer service.  
6/24/2022 @ 8:00 PM
 As Little Egg searches for her sperm donor and her adult self, Grown Uterus, contemplates donating eggs, the two must confront their inner demons, their loved ones, and each other in a quest to reconcile who they are.
As two sides of one life, Little Egg and Grown Uterus fight to reconcile themselves as both a donor child and an egg donor. Along the way, they sort through a jumble of thoughts with a host of real and imagined characters of life from parents, to geneticists, to google itself. As Little Egg searches for her father and Grown Uterus tries to come to terms with anonymous donation, the two navigate through trials of identity, abandonment, betrayal, curiosity, love, and discovery. A story of family and reproductive justice. 
The dark and angry history of how white voices have been speaking for black people since the dawn of our nation and the damage silence causes a community.

S.U.N. in the U.S.A. is a story that looks at history through the eyes of an African-American known only as BLACK, who is kindly reminded just how ‘good’ he has it in his time in the United States of America—from the beginning of African slavery to today’s culture.  


The Savage Queen by Edgar Chisholm
6/25/2022 @ 5:00 PM

Long ago a young African princess is forced into an arranged marriage with Ramses the living god of the greatest civilization on earth. The princess resists with every fiber of her being. Fighting for her own choice in the only way she knows how; with her wits and her courage. Then surprisingly, she meets this Pharoah and she is smitten. Thus begins a Shakespearian epic adventure with heart-rending turn arounds, rib-tickling gender switches, and dangerous swordplay amidst an ancient but accurate historical backdrop. It is Wakanda before


Cherry House by Frank Dunham Jr.
6/25/2022 @ 8:00 PM

It’s 1859 and in the heart of old New York is Cherry House, named after its proprietress, Miss Cherry. A proud and free African American entrepreneur in misogynistic, racist pre-Civil war America, Miss Cherry’s business is booming and life is good. Or so she thinks. Trouble comes to town when a Southern lowlife attacks one of Cherry House’s ladies, a runaway freed slave wanted for murder. Miss Cherry’s remarkable ability to navigate a hostile world is put to the test when she’s faced with backlash from the law, threats from a greedy bounty hunter and losing the man she loves by risking everything to do the right thing.


What if you woke up trapped inside the Magic Mirror?

Adelaide is kept in a mental facility by her husband Mark when she suffers memory loss and hallucinations due to a car accident. As delusions and memory mix, she tries to remember what caused the accident and who Mark really is.