Authors: Elizabeth M. Kelly, Heidi Armbruster, Maggie Diaz Bofill
Directors: Alfredo Narciso, Michelle Bossy, Jessica Bauman
Composer: Jonathan Sanford
Producer: Stripped Scripts®

The Acorn Theatre
4/15/20 – 5/2/20
$28.00 – $65.00

Canary Snuff Film

Canary Snuff Film: We’re deconstructing Miss Julie; But don’t worry, we’ll put her back together again.

Strindberg’s Miss Julie, an exemplification of 19th century naturalism, has stood through the ages as an audacious commentary on gender, class, and agency. But what happens when it is read through the lens of contemporary culture?

Canary Snuff Film, an entirely new play, infuses Strindberg’s origins of naturalism and earnest drama with a hearty dose of magical realism and an irreverent cheekiness, creating the lively and provocatively new: ‘Magical Naturalism’. In this re-imagination, Julie, Jean and Kristine flap their wings wanting to be seen both for what they represented in the past and who they have come to be now. Canary Snuff Film is, at its essence, an examination of how we confront issues from our history, to avoid repeating them.

Stripped Scripts’ brings together three writers, three directors, and three actors to deconstruct Strindberg’s classic, shake it up like a snow globe, and put it back together. In this 90 minute, three act, modern exploration of each character, we journey with them through their evolution, and reintroduction into modern society.