Author: Joseph Ferraro
Directors: Joseph Ferraro and Edward McCole


Kaitlyn Biancaniello, Kirk Stevens, Franco Pedicini, Stephen Zuccaro, Benjamin Standford, Ruby Vadiveloo, Sarah Kennedy, Andrew Sydor

The Studio Theatre
2/7/19 – 2/10/19
Tickets: $27.25

Deadly Humor

Deadly Humor is a wacky farce with plenty of fun gags for everybody.

Is it murder if the ammunition is a really good joke? Moments before Hannah’s big showcase a guest dies due to a comedic mishap. It’s now up to Hannah and her best friend Greg to misdirect the rest of the guests and not have the incident derail Hannah’s important night!

If you like the works of Christopher Durang, the vulgarity of It’s Always Sunny and the absurdity of Weekend at Bernie’s then maybe…just maybe…you’ll like this show