Author: Deb Margolin
Director: Jerry Heymann
Producer: New Light Theater Project

Theatre One

10/17/19 – 11/9/19


Imagining Madoff

Imagining Madoff  finds Ponzi schemer Bernard Madoff in prison, determined to control his own narrative for history as he dictates to a visiting biographer stories about his childhood, his family, women, money and an all-night meeting he had with Holocaust survivor and poet, Solomon Galkin.

During an interview in prison, Bernie Madoff recalls the events of an evening long ago when he met Holocaust survivor and award-winning Solomon Galkin, who tries to convince Madoff to take him on as a client. Their conversation, driven by bourbon and talk of philosophy and religion, spins off into the early hours of the morning, interspersed with Madoff’s former secretary, another unknowing victim at the hands of Madoff.