Theatre One

Produced by Open Arts Alliance

Book & Lyrics: Rocco Natale
Music: Zachary Kampler
Music Direction: Jake Lloyd
Technical Direction: Joshua Warner
Lighting Design: Zach Pizza
Scenic Design: Christian Fleming
Costume Design: Ana Laborde


OAA Associate Producer: Ronnie Staplefield
OAA Crew Foreman: Jack Kriskey
OAA Scenic Consultant: Robert Natale
Stage Manager: Cindy Busani
Education Director: Katie Breen


Ernest Thayer’s beloved poem about fictional baseball legend Casey and the town of Mudville springs vividly to life in the present day. When young KC moves to Mudville with her father from New York City, she struggles to fit in at her new school. But through her love of baseball, KC whips the down-and-out little league team into shape, leading them to the championship game, where she learns that there are things even more important than winning.

A “home run” musical for the whole family!