Theatre Three

Directed by Drew & Lea Lachey

Choreography by Lea Lachey

Celia Arthur
Naimah Assata
Nasir Butler
Megan Colton
Antonio Davis Jr.
Micah Day
Emily Egner
Je’Shaun Jackson
Iz Lachey
Alyssa Maley
Kendall Maley
McKenzie Martin
Xavion Munn
Ravyn Rhiana
Cian Steele
Lexi Stojack
Tarion Strong
Kiwi Villalobos


label•less A new musical. You’re invited to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. Using contemporary music, thought provoking choreography and personal stories to spread a message of Heart, Humanity & Hope.
Strobe lights and haze will be used at this performance