Miracle in Rwanda logo with a line drawing of a woman sitting and clutching her knees to her chest colored in a red and brown palette of 'Mondrian' style blocks

Authors: Leslie Lewis / Edward Vilga
Director: George Drance
Producer: Broadview Phoenix, Allen DeWane / Acuity Productions and George Drance / Magis Theatre Company

The Lion Theatre

4/4/19 – 5/11/19

$39.00 – $90.00

Miracle in Rwanda

A tribute to the power of faith and forgiveness, and based on the New York Times bestseller Left to TellMiracle in Rwanda shares one woman’s story of surviving the 1994 genocide.

Witness the stunning tour-de-force solo performance of actress Malaika Uwamahoro as she transforms herself into every character in this harrowing yet uplifting true story.

In April 1994 in Rwanda, an extremist militia of Hutu tribesmen began a brutal, widespread effort to exterminate all members of the Tutsi minority tribe. A Catholic young woman named Immaculee went into hiding, armed only with the rosary her father gave her.

While marauders searched for her, she made a decision to pray using the beads her father gave her, transforming her heart and mind, so that in the midst of this holocaust, she found the core divinity within her, the place that no killer can eradicate.

Miracle in Rwanda has been chosen by the United Nations as the official artistic commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide against the Tutsi.

“Stunning, powerful, deeply moving…Don’t miss this show.” – The Journal Star

Official Pick of the Scotsman at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe