The New Works Festival is a collaborative series by CreateTheater, in association with The Prism Stage Company, by CreateTheater ETC members whose shows are ready for their first developmental production in NYC. 

Theatre Four
4/14/2022 – 5/15/2022
$49 + $2.50 Restoration Fee

New Works Festival





Presented by CreateTheater and Prism Stage Company
All developed in CreateTheater’s Experts Theater Company (ETC) as resident writer members.


Please note all sales are final. We do not offer refunds or exchanges. 

Vaccination Requirements:

Age 5+

All patrons 5 & older must be fully vaccinated 14 days prior to their performance date. Proof of vaccination must be accompanied by a valid photo ID (valid ID for ages 5-18 do not need to include a photo).  

Once a child turns 5, they will have up to 45 days from their date of birth to be fully vaccinated. During those 45 days, they will follow requirements for the “Ages 2-4” category.

The requirement for ages 5-11 to be fully vaccinated follows New York City mandate that went into effect in January 2022.

Ages 2-4

Required to present a negative COVID-19 test: PCR test taken within 72 hours of the performance, or a rapid antigen test taken within 6 hours of the performance. A negative test can be presented on paper or mobile device. We do not accept self-testing or at-home kits for negative tests.

Under 2 years old

There are no test requirements for children under the age of 2.

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Masks must be worn inside the building at all times.


Finding Madame Curie by David Kurkowski
Nothing can stop Marie Curie in her quest for scientific discovery—not gender bias, ethnic discrimination, or personal tragedy.  After winning two Nobel Prizes, she creates mobile X-ray units that save countless lives of French soldiers, and at the warfront, she makes an unexpected discovery of her own.


The Golden Cage by Deborah Henson-Conant
TTHE GOLDEN CAGE is a mythical musical fable about a Bird-Person, Boris, who’s on a lifelong quest to find the legendary Golden Cage.  When Boris finally finds the glorious cage on a remote mountain peak, it’s everything the legends described – except for one thing: There’s a grumpy, reclusive Diva living inside it, Alphea – who says the cage is a prison made of cement and iron.  A story of perception, isolation, freedom and ambition, THE GOLDEN CAGE is about the powerful illusions we trap ourselves in and the one thing that can set us free.


Fire Island by Jarlath Barsanti Jacobs and Emilio Solla
Can love lost get a second chance? Gabe and Anne almost married one summer. Years later their gay housemates have invited them to a wedding/reunion the historic day same sex marriage becomes legal. Anne showed up. Will Gabe?


Sewing the Dream by Judith Estrine and David Kurkowski
With music in the tradition of the Great American Songbook, Sewing The Dream tells the story of Annie Moran, a newly arrived Irish immigrant in 1800s NYC and how her life intertwines with that of scandal-ridden inventor Isaac Merritt Singer. Overcoming all odds and challenging accepted conventions of women’s place in society, Annie Moran and Isaac Singer forever change the world for women.


Ocean in a Teacup by Joel Krantz
Ocean in a Teacup is a spiritual quest musical based on a true story. World War Two may be over, but American Red Cross medic Ray Hauserman can’t bring himself to return home from India. The shame of having broken his pacifist vow “never to kill” draws him into the turbulent world of a charismatic Indian doctor, and spiritual teacher.  This inspiring man offers Ray a unique path to redemption. To follow that path, Ray will have to give up everything he knows, including the woman he loves.


Rewind The Musical by Geoffrey and Sam Rose
REWIND is a time-bending 80s pop musical about lost dreams and the magic of second chances. It tells the story of a powerful producer who derails a young girl’s promising music career, and she spends the next 50 years waiting tables. When he meets an untimely end he is barred from heaven, and to gain entrance he must, with a little help from the Universe, REWIND time and help her become the star she was born to be.

With its original story and 80s style pop score, REWIND is the Rose brothers’ love letter to one of the most colorful decades in popular music history.

Geoffrey and Sam Rose (Book, music and lyrics)
Richard Israel (Director)

Retraction: An Adaptation of a True Story by David Zaragoza Gutierrez
An accomplished journalist’s life is turned upside down when she discovers that her explosive, controversial magazine article might not be true. Adapted from a true story, Retraction is not just a play about sexual assault and journalism, but how journalistic failure can damage people’s lives, damage a movement, and ruin careers.