Author: Joseph Scott Ford
Director: Kelsey Claire
Producer: Tamra Paselk and Victress, LLC.

The Studio Theatre

7/10/19 – 7/27/19


Not Even the Good Things

Not Even the Good Things is new dark comedy replete with attempted infidelity, weird religion, and plenty of gimlets arriving at Theatre Row.

Grace and Bill are in a funny place. They arrive at a cutesy cabin in the Catskills ready to leave civilization behind for a weekend of delightful debauchery, but that doesn’t quite pan out. Grace is drunk enough, but Bill can’t stop seeing a frightened young girl holding a candle. He’s hallucinating…right? As the other couples arrive and remain oblivious to the girl’s presence, Bill steadily—and hilariously— loses his grip on reality. Meanwhile, Donald keeps hitting on Grace, his girlfriend Jackie has a power-outage-induced panic attack, and Grace takes matters into her own gin-soaked hands. The arrival of the last couple — the oh-so-spiritual Gina and Terrence — sets the stage for a psychological awakening — and unraveling. Does anyone else see the girl? Does anyone care? The nature of shame, sexuality, loyalty, intoxication, and faith are all explored in this achingly funny new play.