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OTR Spring Festival

OTR's Spring Festival is a celebration of our ensemble, which has been generating and developing work together since January 2021. Continuing what we started with our Fall 2022 Festival, some of the work in our Spring 2023 festival was begun under our late Artistic Director, Alice Spivak. The rest of the work has been developed under our new leadership, and through our Scene Study workshop. The festival showcases more than 40 members of our diverse ensemble in 3 full length plays, 4 short plays (including two premiere original short plays) and our first ever Scene Study Showcase.

OnTheRoad Repertory Company was founded in 2012 by Artistic Director Alice Spivak, the renowned acting mentor and author of How To Rehearse When There is No Rehearsal- Acting & the Media. The company was founded in collaboration with her advanced professional acting students. OTR staged more than 20 full theatrical productions under Alice Spivak's direction between 2012-2019. Since her sudden passing in 2020 during COVID, the company has devoted itself to keeping alive her memory and legacy- coming together to complete the work begun by Spivak, and to create new works of theater in her honor. OTR's ongoing mission is to continue the philosophy of Alice Spivak's work, and her approach to theater and acting. An approach that is organic and places a real focus on the material.

2023 Festival Schedule of Events

Scene Study Showcase
6/13 @ 7:00pm
OnTheRoad Rep hosts a weekly Scene Study Group made up of professional-level actors both in and outside of our ensemble. We prepare and discuss scenes from theater works using the rehearsal process developed by our late founder and artistic director, Alice Spivak. This evening we are presenting scenes that we have been developing in the most recent Spring Term. For more information on OTR's Scene Study visit
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Jerry And Tom
6/14 @ 2:00pm, 6/16 @ 8:00pm, 6/18 @ 7:00pm, 6/21 @ 7:30pm 6/22 @ 7:30pm
A man who is tied to a chair with a bag over his head is telling jokes to Jerry and Tom while they wait for a phone call instructing them to kill him. In a series of similarly intense vignettes, a Chicago hit man plays mentor to his impatient cohort in this horrifyingly hysterical comedy.

"A hilarious slice of life about a blue collar hit man and his protege." - Los Angeles Weekly
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OTR Repertory Showcase
6/14 @ 7:30 and 6/24 @ 3pm 
A presentation from the OTR Repertory featuring Conor Romero, Kevin Covais and William Lund.

6/15 @ 7:30pm, 6/25 @ 3:00pm
A lascivious woman tries every vulgar way she knows to pick up and seduce a decent youth in a subway car.

Two random young women sit in a pizza shop discussing body autonomy and consent while a nearby patron listens. 
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Shorts Block #2 (Originals!)-  MR. SNICKER | THE BUSINESS OF NIGHTMARES
6/17 @ 3:00pm, 6/20 @ 7:30pm, 6/24 @ 8:00pm
Two original premiere plays that explore acting as a job from all angles, including one very strange nightmare.
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6/23 @ 8:00pm

Small town locals in a dive bar are faced with a very strange nightmare in this original premiere play by Kaija Matiss.
Two random young women sit in a pizza shop discussing body autonomy and consent while a nearby patron listens.
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