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Rogue Theater Festival Encores!

This House is Not a Home - June 13th @ 7:00pm
By: Kyle Thomas
A shoe repair shop. One of the last of its kind. A place where craft matters. The owner leads a quiet existence until it is upended by the return of the son of his late business partner. The son returns and is looking for work... and answers. These two men know so much and yet so little about one another. The son wants to know more about his father, and the nature of his exit from the business. The owner is reluctant to share, for reasons that become painfully clear. Not all seams can be stitched back together.

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Hoyt St. - June 14th @ 2:00pm
By: Francesca Bolam
When writer Melissa is given an opportunity by an old producer friend, she realizes that the unraveling of her romantic relationship with Jay is the catalyst for discovering her voice through her own story.

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Nosebleed: a “comedy” about hypotheticals, mail, and crazy loud sex- June 14th @ 7:00pm
By: Carly Polistina
When two strangers run into each other (and can’t stop running into each other) they get locked in a disaster-prone back-and-forth fraught with injury, mail related felonies, and hypothetical questions. Through this “comedy” they grapple with the most devastating mire of the human condition: getting to know someone.

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Senseless - June 16th & 17th @ 7:00pm, June 18th @ 3:00pm
By: Wayne L. Firestone
Senseless is a present day rhapsody of five senses as experienced by a range of historical and fantastical characters and critters— from Middle Age plagues to an afterlife RBG courtroom to a revived Cold War space race. Guided by a Blind “Girl” of Justice statue, these intermingled characters navigate both threats and farces to make sense of present day plagues and blaze paths to collective healing.

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Snowball- June 17th @ 2:00pm
By: Maeve Kelley Baker
A customer walks into a corner store asking for a product that’s not being sold there. As the customer keeps returning to the store for the item, tensions rise and patience dwindles. And everything snowballs from there.

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