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Rogue Theater Festival

Rogue Theater Festival shines a spotlight on emerging playwrights presenting an annual celebration of new works.

Downtown: a New Musical - June 6th @ 7:00pm
Featuring composer/lyricist Gavin Matthias on piano, join us for an evening
of excerpts from the upcoming production of DOWNTOWN, as well as anecdotes
and additional songs. This new musical comedy and political satire will be playing
in two boroughs: July 7-9 at Empire Outlets on Staten Island and July 12-13 at

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Heartbreak in Tompkins Square Park- June 7th @ 7:00pm
By Christine Stoddard
Aiden, a gay white man in 1950s upper-class New York, enters a loveless marriage with Querida, a former stage actress with a shady family history, and has a son. His life changes when his secretary, Credenza, a lesbian who escaped the Jewish orthodoxy, hatches a plan that will allow him to be with his lover Bentley, a Black painter and gallery owner.

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Every 7ish Minutes - June 8th @ 7:00pm
By Rebecca Kane
It's a solo show! It's a naloxone training! It's a solo show about naloxone training -- and there's confetti! In 2020, I got training not just to dispense naloxone (a drug that can reverse an opioid overdose in a matter of minutes) but to safely teach others to do so. After still failing to get proper attention to the issue, I wrote a script that successfully gets all the information across needed to complete a naloxone training while something new and entertaining happening at least every seven minutes (which just so happens to be how often someone in the United States in 2021 died of an opioid-related overdose).

May not be suitable for people under 15 years old

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Surviving the Rosenthals - June 9th @ 7:00pm
By: Arnie Roman
Twenty-eight-year old Sammy Rosenthal is living in New York and lost in his life. Until he meets the one person who could change everything. Himself.

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Abandon All Hope- June 10th @ 7:00pm
By: Peter Fenton

When three college freshmen (a scrappy activist, a naïve evangelical and a cocky analyst) meet in Hell, which appears as a dorm room, a fun-loving demon challenges them to a game with astronomical stakes, which draws out each one's fatal flaws in their confrontations with each other and themselves. The winner will go to Heaven at the cost of the others' eternal torture. Inspired by THE GOOD PLACE, KNIVES OUT, and NO EXIT, playwright Peter Fenton's Off-Broadway debut explores ethics, organized religion, identity, and redemption.

"Funny as hell and heavenly sweet!" —Marjorie Bicknell, Dramatists Guild of America

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Feedback- June 11th @ 3:00pm
By: Katherine Boorstein

A modest college freshman and a reclusive upperclassman form an unlikely creative partnership. When their relationship begins to step over the line between literary and physical intimacy, they must cope with the fallout of their shared ignorance about consent. 'Feedback' reckons with coming-of-age, creativity, and what we learn (and don’t learn) about sex as we grow up.

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