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by Lynn Riggs
directed by Raelle Myrick-Hodges

Mint Theater Company
Artistic Director: Jonathan Bank
Producing Director: Matthew McVey-Lee


By Lynn Riggs

 "I'll kick yer ole door down; Lemme out! Lemme out!"

Sump’n Like Wings is the story of Wille Baker, a 16yr old girl too proud and too wild for the life she’s living.  Her mother runs the dining room in the hotel her uncle owns. Willie is stuck helping her, squirming under her thumb while her uncle argues for tenderness and compassion.


“You cain't keep her in a place that's got a lid on it.

She's got sump'n inside of her like wings,

and she'll beat off the cover, and she’ll go away…”


Sump’n Like Wings is a story of the lessons learned by families about freedom and limits—about love, respect, and safety. It’s a story about home and about leaving home.


Sump’n Like Wings is set in Oklahoma, six years after the “Indian Territories” became the 46th state in the Union in 1907. Lynn Riggs was born in Oklahoma about the same time as Willie Baker. Riggs owes his lasting fame to the musical named after his home state, Oklahoma!, based on his play Green Grows the Lilacs.  


Beginning September 21, 2024, Mint Theater Company will offer audiences the first opportunity to see this play performed, which remains a resonant and compelling story about love, family and home.

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