Author: Prince Gomolvilas
Director: Jeff Liu
Producer: Pan Asian Repertory Theatre

The Beckett Theatre

4/28/19 – 5/19/19

$62.25 – $102.25

The Brothers Paranormal

In The Brothers Paranormal two Thai-American ghost hunters investigate eerie events at the home of an African-American couple, where their beliefs & reality are pushed to the breaking point.

The Brothers Paranormal follows two Thai brothers who launch a business to investigate paranormal activities. When they investigate the home of an African-American couple, who have been displaced by Hurricane Katrina, their notions of reality, fantasy, and sanity clash against the shocking truth. This play highlights how present-day humanity deals with grief and the beauty of compassion that is revealed even in our darkest hours.

Pan Asian Repertory Theatre, in its 42ND Milestone Season in 2019 is expanding on themes of diversity with the World Premiere of The Brothers Paranormal by Prince Gomolvilas, directed by Jeff Liu. 

Prince Gomolvilas writes, “The play’s intersection of genre and race, as well as the exploration of the spirit realm in a country that’s doing some deep soul-searching, is what drives my passion for this project. All of my research explores the play’s disparate themes: the trauma of displacement (from one’s country of origin, from post-Katrina New Orleans, from the corporeal world); the high incidence of mental health issues among Asian immigrants; and the different ways in which people cope with incredible loss.”

The Brothers Paranormal is a ghost story, it has many of the entertaining elements that people find in the genre: a supernatural, possibly deadly force, a mystery as to its nature, the banding together of ordinary humans to face it; moments of terror, of surprise, of humor, of genuine human connection.