Written by Lanford Wilson

Directed by Mac McCarty



Carson Alexander

Angela Atwood

Steve Carlsen

Kelsey Claire

Stella Marcus

Tamra Paselk

Jeffrey C. Wolf

Theatre Five

11/23/2021 – 12/18/2021

$50 (+$2.50 service fee)

The Lanford Wilson Project Part One: The Mound Builders

Past secrets and present ambition lead to tragic ends in The Mound Builders: Disunion – Part 1 of The Lanford Wilson Project.


Part 1 of the Lanford Wilson Project, THE MOUND BUILDERS, is a mystery set around an archeological dig in Southern Illinois, and is filled with characters both funny and exasperating. It looks at themes of ambition, privilege versus aspiration, the dangers of patriarchy, the repression of women, and the tragic results that occur when these issues collide in acts of hubris.

The Lanford Wilson Project is being presented by Open Circle Play Factory. These two plays by Lanford Wilson, THE MOUND BUILDERS and SYMPATHETIC MAGIC, will be performed in repertory over a four-week run.

Lanford Wilson, one of the founders of the Circle Repertory Company and a Pulitzer Prize winner, developed his work within the historic context of the Off-Off Broadway theatre movement. The Lanford Wilson Project is a continuation of that legacy.

“Of my generation of playwrights, Lanford was the Orpheus who sang the sweetest songs, the poet who found grace and beauty in the humblest circumstances and the only one of us who found his own, unique voice from the very beginning…I wish he had lived longer.” – Terrence McNally

“Wilson’s plays have given constant voice to the dispossessed – the lost or shunned American souls who have been cast out of the mainstream…often by their refusal to march in step with familial, sexual or capitalist orthodoxy… [Lanford was] a writer who illuminate[d] the deepest dramas of American life with poetry and compassion.” – Frank Rich, NYTimes


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