Author: Micheál mac Liammóir 
Director: Aidan Redmond
Producer: Mint Theater Company

Theatre Four

5/30/19 – 7/14/19


The Mountains Look Different

The Mountains Look Different is a powerful drama about how hard it is to escape the past, by one of the great legends of Irish theater, Micheál mac Liammóir.

The Mountains Look Different is the story of Bairbre’s return home to Ireland, after a dozen hard years in London working the streets. Three days ago, she married Tom, who knows nothing of her past. Together they hope to settle with Tom’s father on his farm, and live a simple life far from the temptations and torments of the sinful city. But soon they will learn that it’s not easy for anyone to escape their past, even among the rocks and ruins of the mountainside.

“It is a work within a stones throw of great tragedy.” – The Standard

“Has all the makings of strong drama here, and he lets us have it at full blast.” – The Stage

“It is a powerful meaty play, the kind that has you coming up for air when the curtain goes down.” – The Evening Times

“A courageous play in which there is no beating about the bush:” – The Christian Science Monitor