Author / Director / Music / Lyrics: James Doyle-Klier

The Studio Theatre
4/2/19 – 4/7/19
Tickets: $52.25


War Lovers: 2 lovers. 2 worlds. What did you expect?

In this semi-autobiographical story, college student James David Caine joins the Special Forces to avoid the indignity of being drafted in the last year of the Vietnam war. His first partner and trainer in Vietnam, Master Sgt. Thomas Elijah Daniels has fallen in love with a beautiful and aristocratic North Vietnamese operative named Li Ming Song. Although “Dan” does not consider himself a defector, Special Forces Commander Col. Robert Quincy Macky almost certainly will.

James Doyle Klier was included in the 4th and final Vietnam Lottery Draft held on February 2nd, 1972 as a college freshman at a Big Ten University. His number was 237. His roommate’s number was Eleven. In the “what if” of this narrative, the numbers are switched. “This crescendo narrative surprises the audience as a stealthy Vietnamese Tiger.”