Author: Christine Harvey
Music: Christine Harvey and Connor Martin
Lyrics: Christine Harve
Director: Grace Aroune
Producer: Christine Harvey; Greengrove Productions LLC

The Studio Theatre

5/24/19 – 5/26/19


With or Without You

In With or Without You, a mother-daughter relationship tries to survive loss, love and adolescence as secrets and lies are exposed.

With or Without You centers on a young girl, Charlotte, and her mother, Margaret, living in a small town post-9/11 after her father’s plane goes missing from his tour in the Air Force. The show follows Charlotte through adolescence into womanhood as she holds onto hope that her father may still be alive, while Margaret attempts to move on with her life, believing her husband is never returning. With her friends and diner family by her side, Charlotte must face the struggles of loss, first love, heartache, and growing up as she and Margaret attempt to save what’s left of the precarious relationship between mother and daughter.

With or Without You is a show meant to remind us that life is never that simple, even when we think it should be.