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Young children stand at their pianos stretching their arms up in the air as they follow their teacher's lead.
What is Music and the Brain?

Music and the Brain is a comprehensive music program designed to give students a complete musical education. Qualifying schools with Music and the Brain get a keyboard lab, hundreds of audio recordings and videos, and other materials for the teacher to use in the classroom. It’s a fun way to build skills like reading music, playing the piano, and learning songs from all over the world.  Students get to experience many of the benefits of a private piano lesson in school among their classmates as part of their core education.  Most Music and the Brain students don’t have pianos or keyboards at home but still progress and develop skills from their classroom experience. 


What are the benefits of music education?

Music plays a unique role in childhood development, particularly with academic skills. Children who learn to read music and play an instrument typically outperform other students in key areas such as language arts, mathematics, and standardized testing. Music also benefits children by building their self-esteem, their patience, and their focus.


How can I get Music and the Brain at my school?

Visit our grant application page to learn more about Music and the Brain’s grant requirements.


When should I consider purchasing a keyboard for my child?

Portable keyboards have become much more affordable in recent years so many families of Music and the Brain students are able to purchase keyboards.  If your child is interested in piano and beginning to show signs of dedication to practice, a 61 key portable keyboard would be a wonderful beginner keyboard for them to start gaining skills.