Students active in the Music and the Brain program have marked improvements in their executive functioning skills and character development, as well as their academic performance.


Principals, classroom and music teachers as well as students in schools where Music and the Brain is implemented have attested to numerous academic benefits of the program.  Literacy and mathematical principles are embedded in our focus on student’s learning to read music during each lesson.  


In July 2009, an independent research study conducted by Joseph M. Piro and Camilo Ortiz of Long Island University was published in Psychology of Music that found the Music and the Brain program to benefit literacy skills of vocabulary and verbal sequencing among participating 2nd Graders.


There are often few curricular materials provided to music teachers in public schools.  Music and the Brain offers enormous resources to music teachers to enable them and their students to be more productive in the classroom.  The Music and the Brain curriculum is teacher designed and 21 years tested in diverse schools and classrooms around the country.  We provide several days of initial training for all new teachers to the program and annual workshops for all to keep teachers informed of new innovations and methods to improve student results.  Teacher’s manuals are filled with powerful classroom ideas from our teachers.  Additionally, classroom visits by Music and the Brain staff allow for extra support, trouble-shooting and the sharing of lesson successes. 


Our program design has allowed a one-time cost per student of less than $20. New students who participate in subsequent years do so without additional cost.  Music and the Brain typically serves thousands of students in each school over many years.  When and if a school is unable to maintain a music teacher or classroom to implement the program, Music and the Brain finds a new home for the equipment and materials to protect the investment made in students across schools.