Authors: Oliver Conant & Justyna Kostek
Director: Stephen Stahl
Producer: Just More Theatre, Inc.

The Clurman Theatre

7/11/19 – 8/11/19



Dietrich is a song-filled voyage inside the mind and emotions of the internationally famous German-born Hollywood film star whose glamorous allure, pioneering sexuality, and fierce convictions have fascinated generations of Americans.

Beginning with Dietrich’s earliest experiences as an actress and cabaret performer in Weimar Germany, Dietrich moves to the momentous artistic collaboration with Joseph Von Sternberg that produced The Blue Angel and a new life in Hollywood. In the 1930s the star’s unshakable opposition to Germany’s Nazi leaders, generosity towards their victims and determined participation in the war effort—“the most important thing I did in my life”—is followed by the shock of negative reception in post war Germany. Next stop: Las Vegas, the surprising birthplace of Dietrich’s thirty-year stage career. 

Dietrich is a loving, passionate, witty portrait in words and song of the German-born Marlene Dietrich, the internationally famous movie star, sexual pioneer, singer, opponent of Hitler, bringing audiences closer to her interior conflicts, feelings and the high ambition that drove her and the discipline she brought to her work. Dietrich is a play with music, and what music! “Falling in Love Again,” “The Boys in the Back Room,” “Lili Marlene”—songs indelibly associated with Marlene Dietrich—are all here, alongside gems from the American Songbook such as “Laziest Gal in Town” and “Puttin’ on the Ritz.”