Written by Johnna Adams

Direction by David E. Shane

Nicola Bertram
Laura King Otazo

Studio Theatre
$39 + $2.50 Restoration Fee

Gidion’s Knot

“Two conflicting women in one conversation after a severe tragedy. Who is culpable? Who is the abused? Who is the abuser?”

In an unexpected student-teacher conference after the horrific suicide of a young boy, Gidion, his mother and teacher navigate and attempt to come to terms with this tragedy. The women discuss whether Gidion was in fact the bully or the bullied as well as the role of Mental Health in Education.

Ripple Effect Artists has been awarded a “Great NY Nonprofits Award” twice. Gidion’s Knot was nominated for a NY Innovative Theater Award for best play and a finalist for best play with the American Critics Association.

As is tradition with Ripple Effect Artists productions, a significant portion of box office proceeds will benefit an organization correlated with the theme presented. With this production, we will be giving to an organization dedicated to early intervention–DRAWING AND TALKING.


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