Written by John Klemeyer

Direction by Beth Kelley

Studio Theatre

Offal Endings

The Suicide Hotline has been privatized so you can get assistance, whatever your choice, for a fee.

Ripped from headlines, Offal Endings imagines a near future where the commercialization of medicine has vastly expanded, organ replacement is advertised during baseball games, and even the suicide hotline has become a toothy, for-profit venture. Absurdly ensnared in this web of “health care,” life-weary Joshua and Mary must find a way to envision a brighter future while evading the fine print of a contract to which they have signed away their lives. In this dystopia-meets-Mel-Brooks comedy, Joshua looks at the menu to only find liver…his. And, after Mary and he fight back, the corporation is not about to roll over. Are they destined for the butcher block, or can this young man and woman survive the surgeon’s blade?


Offal Endings contains discussions of depression and suicide which some people may find disturbing.

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