Theatre Five

Executive Director & Executive Producer: Cynthia Renta
Director of Programs & Executive Producer: Nella Mupier
Artistic Director: Aliya Nelson 
Artistic Program Manager: Laura Ennis
Marketing and Program Engagement Manager: Nell Johnson

Girl Be Heard Company Members ’23-’24
Alexie Safiya Ilafa
Anastasia Calixte
Ava Bales
Divinity Nix-Sow
Felicity Munera
Fiona Grand
Kai Giovanni

Krissy Scott
Lia Filipov
Makayla Cuce

Director: Aliya Nelson
Assistant Director/Stage Manager: Laura Ennis
Head of Stage Crew: Nell Johnson
Lighting Designer/Lighting Person: Laia Comas

R.I.S.E. The Pursuit of Utopia

This production utilizes lighting effects such as strobe lighting and includes loud thunder sounds.