Theatre Three
Tickets begin at $40

The Recovery “Live Recording”

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and Micheal Logan, a clean comedian, brings to the city of New York his 2nd Comedy Special: The Recovery “Live Recording”. This special highlights the recovery of this country from COVID-19 as well as his personal mental health journey. It encourages those currently battling with any mental illness, to find relief through laughter.

He shares his personal experience that occurred back in November 2020 where he spent 3 days in the psych ward not knowing, at the time, what life would look like moving forward. With his witty and creative jokes and punchlines, Micheal Logan wants everyone to experience the joy he experienced while in his recovery.

If you or anyone you know needs to let loose and laugh through the pain and ups and downs of life, then get ready for two shows packed into a ONE NIGHT ONLY hysterical comedy night that will have you laughing even after it’s over.