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Studio Theatre

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United Solo Theatre Festival 2022

Now in its second decade, United Solo Theatre Festival, the world’s largest solo theatre festival, continues to amaze and delight audiences with its annual offering of exceptional solo plays from across the country & around the world. Our artists this season delve into a variety of topics from personal family stories to allegories for the issues facing our world today. Using drama, comedy, music, poetry, movement and spoken word, our shows open the door to new worlds and new ways of thinking about life and theatre.

“This annual festival has, over more than 10 years, brought hundreds of solo productions to New York stages from around the world. Theater, dance, improv and other forms will be presented live onstage but the festival will also include additional offerings through a virtual platform, United Solo Screen”
–Steven McElroy, The New York Times

“Whether it’s comedy, drama, new work, or new adaptations you’re looking for, United Solo performances are fascinating to take in and inexpensive to attend”
–Jack Smart, Backstage

“The event, as well as bringing theatre-makers together, invites theatres and producers to discover original scripts and performers”
–Olivia Clement, Playbill


Schedule of Events

Jewbana written & performed by Susie K Taylor
10/04 @ 7:00pm & 11/17 @ 8:30pm
A self-involved loud stubborn Jewish Miami princess marries a larger, louder and more stubborn Miami Cuban Catholic man and his entire family… and meets her match. Inspired by artist/creator Susie K. Taylor’s life the play is an account of clashing cultures, complex family politics, motherhood and other thrills and spills.

I Babysat Jesus written & performed by Mary Elizabeth Barrett
10/5 @ 7:00pm
“I Babysat Jesus,” is the hilarious true story of a woman’s experience dealing with a persistently annoying “Someone Else” who appears and disappears in her living room. The life-transforming interactions reveal not only the “Someone Else’s” identity, but also the woman’s life’s mission. ”I Babysat Jesus” reveals and honors the Divine poised and ready to reveal itself to each of us. All we have to do is answer the door.

ESCAPE FROM DADDYLAND written & performed by Steve Wruble
10/06 @ 8:30pm & 11/10 @ 8:30pm
Brought up in the Deep South as an Orthodox Jew, son of Elvis Presley’s proctologist, Steve is expected to follow his father into the bowels of the rich & famous. Instead, becomes a psychiatrist, divorces his wife & strict religion, and begins a hilarious and compelling musical journey into uncharted waters.

HOLDING COURT written & performed by Courtney Scheuerman
10/06 @ 7:00pm
Holding Court is a Hero’s Journey, depicted for this moment in the 21st Century. A Dramedy told through many characters it is a relatable tale of how one learns to see themselves as the hero of their own story to allow forgiveness, love and strength to prevail.

Good Medicine written & performed by Richard Grunn
10/07 @ 7:00pm
An interactive satire on the American medicine show through the centuries. Three characters existing in different historical periods -Reverend Beauford T. Jones, Dr. Chester C. Braman, and Kurt Candleman, Spiritual Advisor and Master Guru try to sell their philosophies and products for health exposing similarities between the Snake Oil salesmen of the past with the hucksters of today.

Odd Man Out written & performed by PeterTate
10/07 @ 8:30pm
It is about a man who meets casually another man on the street who stops him falling to the ground. He invites him into his place but the other man can’t wait to get out as this encounter is too close to the bone of his own loneliness. The other man leaves abruptly and he is left to deal with the enormity of his pain.

BIPOLAR & THE ENGLISH CHANNEL written & performed by Julie Ridge
10/08 @ 2:00pm & 11/09 @ 2:00pm 
BIPOLAR & THE ENGLISH CHANNEL is the story of how a mile-a-day pool swimmer became an English Channel swimmer in nine short months, and how that journey across the grey murky seas has paralleled her life with bipolar disorder.

La Divina: The Last Interview of Maria Callas written and performed by Shelley Cooper
10/08 @ 7:00pm
Inspired by the life and work of the Dramatic 20th Century Opera Singer Maria Callas. Eavesdropping on La Divina’s final interview audiences get glimpses into an extremely complex, tormented woman, while being treated to some operatic gems from the singer’s repertoire.

Hold on Tight written and performed by Meg Flather
10/08 @ 8:30pm
Award-winning singer/songwriter, Meg Flather, took on the role of her life when she volunteered to care for her mother with dementia. Frank, moving, and frequently amusing, this original solo musical and new memoir (on Amazon) will resonate with anyone caring for a loved one. Directed by Lennie Watts. Musically Directed by Tracy Stark.

Life Encounters 2 written & performed by Michelle Felice Hartley
10/09 @ 2:00pm
Michelle Felice Hartley performs 15 characters depicting actual life encounters reflecting racism, determination, loss and triumph. Humorous and thought provoking the stories are told in a way that evokes empathy and compassion from its audience.

10/09 @ 7:00pm
A story about immigration assimilation and the generational gap between a mother and daughter confronting a new culture. Presented with humor, original music and occasional swearing in Russian.

AN EVENING WITH CARL SANDBURG written and performed by Jonathan Gillard Daly
10/11 @ 7:00pm
Stories, folk songs and poetry all adapted from the works of American poet/journalist/troubadour/children’s author Carl Sandburg.

Fantastic Mr. S written & performed by Edu Diaz
10/12 @ 2:00pm & 10/27 @ 7:00pm 
After years of living in a spiral of self-destruction, Mr. S decides to take his life. However, he begins a journey of self-acceptance through his shadows. Fantastic Mr. S is a tragicomedy about mental health that conveys hope in tough times.

Cheese Fries & Froot Loops written & performed by Chris Fuller
10/12 @ 7:00pm
A true, moving and humorous story of a professional golfer’s struggle with bipolar disorder and his unexpected journey to enlightenment.

Fingernails in the Side of the Cliff written & performed by Tina deVaron
10/13 @ 7:00pm, 10/26 @ 2:00pm, 11/08 @ 8:30pm, & 11/19 @ 4:30pm
A daughter conquers the world of jazz music, songwriting, and new motherhood in late 20th-century NYC, emerging out from under the shadow of a brilliant but domineering mother who herself smashed obstacles in the sexist 1950s to blaze a pioneering career as a world-renowned classical conductor.

(IM)PERFEKT written & performed by Jannica Olin
10/14 @ 7:00pm
Actress Jannica Olin was the stereotypical blonde blue-eyed Swede. Her long hair had always been a big part of her identity. Until suddenly, she lost it all. (IM)PERFEKT is about identity, beauty and labels. Sometimes you need to (literally) lose a part of yourself in order to discover who you truly are.

By The Light written by Kate McLeod & performed by Michael Irvin Pollard
10/14 @ 8:30pm & 10/22 @ 2pm
Joe is a young man who sets out to see the world with a heavy heart and an empty purse. Along the way he finds Topsy the elephant, his lifelong love. His destiny. He tries to save her before she becomes one more Edison experiment.

Dissolve written by Meghan Gardiner & performed by Emmelia Gordon
10/15 @ 2:00pm
Ever woken up beside a stranger? What if it was planned that way? Dissolve by Meghan Gardiner confronts the topic of drink spiking and drug facilitated sexual assault. Morphing between a flurry of 16 characters, both comedic and compelling it is designed to provoke thought and dialogue about sexual consent.

Love/Love written & performed by Josh Raff
10/15 @ 7:00pm & 10/16 @ 3:30pm
Love/Love is a solo hip-hop musical about an athletically gifted but struggling junior tennis player. Josh Raff relives his formative early-life experiences in an effort to uncover how they have prepared him (or not) to face his most worthy adversary: himself.

Something Great! My Life in the Belfast Circus written & performed by Jennifer Dempsey
10/16 @ 2:00pm
The true story of how a 21 year old American college drop out became director of the Belfast Circus in Northern Ireland. Written and performed by Jennifer Dempsey, the show follows her journey from 1989 to 1993, when she runs away from a state of depression in Fairfax, Virginia to a world of inspiration in the Circus.

DISORDERED: a one-white-non-binary-bella show about anorexia, food addiction, & other bullshit, i mean, disorder written & performed by Bella Florence
10/16 @ 7:00pm & 10/19 @ 2pm

DISORDERED is a dramatization of Bella’s relationship with food from their moment of conception to the moment they walk offstage.

Too Big For Her Britches written & performed by Lisa Pezik
10/18 @ 7:00pm & 11/9 @ 8:30pm
A musical journey about self love and breaking generational abuse. Told through the eyes of the main character, Luna, it’s a battle between her Inner Shame and Inner Warrioress to step into her big britches and stop trying to make herself smaller to be loved.

Under Heaven’s Eyes‘the Systemic and Systematic Unjustified Killings of Black Lives‘ written & performed by Christopher Tajah
10/19 @ 7:00pm
Under Heaven’s Eyes’ asks, ‘Did George Floyd’s killing mark a turning point for real change or just another false dawn?’ While also exploring how systemic and systematic societal racism squeezes’ UK and US communities of colour to the margins.

Meatballs & Music written & performed by Tom Sweitzer
10/19 @ 8:30pm
Meatballs and Music takes you journey thru Tom’s turbulent, comical, heart-wrenching, yet inspiring childhood. One morning at age eight, he is lured by the music pouring out from the windows of the church across the street. Still in his pajamas, he runs up to the big red doors, and when they open he is met by a Sunday School teacher that changes his life by showing him music, hope and love. Tom introduces us to 12 fascinating characters from his childhood. Filled with nostalgic and authentic humor, you’ll leave wanting to turn on some music while eating a meatball.

A Mile in My Shoes written & performed by Kathryn Taylor Smith
10/20 @ 7:00pm
A socially conscious poetic dramedy where writer/performer Kathryn Taylor Smith portrays 19 characters inspired by research and personal interviews with past and present members of the homeless community and those who advocate for them.

Doing Time with Lavinia written by Lynn Portas & performed by Susan Campanaro
10/21 @ 7:00pm & 11/11 @ 8:30pm & 11/16 @ 4:00pm
The cautionary tale of Lavinia Draper, a fallen socialite and Broadway understudy, eternally chasing her lifelong dream of becoming an entertainer. She is repeatedly derailed by her self-inflicted victimization and a sabotaging addiction to drama.

Confusion written and performed by Hank Curry
10/21 @ 8:30pm
Combining mime, clown, and sketch comedy in the tradition of Rowan Atkinson and Jacques Tati, Hank Curry explores the pitfalls and pratfalls of modern living while trying on several unique personas. Run away and join the circus of the twenty-first century with this play that reveals the universal frustrations that make us human.

Becoming a Woman written & performed by Rachel Frost
10/22 @ 8:30pm & 11/13 @ 2:00pm
I was just a regular 15 year-old girl. That is, until that fateful day I collapsed on the hospital floor. Then I became a woman. A relatable story that includes all the usual cliches, Becoming A Woman promises a humorous and brutally honest look at the moments that mark our transition into adulthood – and haunt us forever. Directed by Erica Silberman.

PLAY written & performed by Boutros El Amari
10/23 @ 2:00pm
Play, a funny little man is swallowed by his video game console becoming the unlikely hero of a new video game. Play lives a lot of extraordinary adventures : being chased by a zombie, riding a dizzying roller coaster, entering a parallel universe, falling in love with a princess and fighting a dragon among other things.

My Shiksa Boyfriend written & performed by Arielle Beth Klein
10/23 @ 7:00pm
Arielle grew up in a conservative Jewish household and falls in love with a non-Jew while discovering her grandmother’s Holocaust survivor story. We follow her from 4 years to the present moment where the show begins (and ends): at a wedding with her Shiksa Boyfriend where she grapples with how to honor her heritage & her future.

Polar Bears written & performed by David Templeton
10/25 @ 7:00pm
A first-person monologue about fatherhood, death and Santa Claus. I never wanted kids, then I got some. The one thing that convinced me I might not wreck them was Christmas. Mainly, Santa. I knew I’d be good at that. Then my wife died, at Christmas. So I got a little Santa obsessive. This is that story.

Lies, Anger and Forgiveness written & performed by barbara saba
10/26 @ 7:00pm
Have you ever felt like you weren’t in sync with the events of your life? Like if you were always a little too early or just a little too late to your present? When her past wants to be present, one woman finds a surprising gateway to a fresh new future.

The Azure Sky in Oz written by William Leavengood & performed by Amanda Ladd
10/26 @ 8:30pm & 1/11 @ 2:00pm
This powerful, funny & unflinching drama is about two real-life Florida women whose lives are profoundly changed by their immersion in the world of the autistic & neurodiverse. Starring Amanda Ladd as visual artist Michelle Feulner- Castro, & Special Ed teacher Mary Tilford. Written & directed by William Leavengood, nationally awarded, two-time Eugene O’Neill playwright. “Genuinely inspirational…” -The Scotsman

The Shot written by Robin Gerber & performed by Sharon Lawrence
10/27 @ 8:30pm, 10/28 @ 7:00pm, 11/1 @ 8:30pm, & 11/2 @ 2:00pm
A remarkable story of Katharine Graham, Pulitzer Prize-winning publisher of The Washington Post, starring Emmy-nominated and award-winning actress Sharon Lawrence in the role of Katharine Graham, it’s a searing narrative of a famed, powerful woman shining light on the shadows in her past to overcome adversity. This work of fiction is written by Robin Gerber based her book: Katharine Graham: The Leadership Journey of An American Icon.

RAG HEAD: An American Story written & performed by Sundeep Morrison
10/28 @ 8:30pm
On August 5, 2012 a white supremacist entered a Gurdwara in Oak Creek, Wisconsin and murdered six people. Since 9/11, there has been an alarming increase in hate crimes committed against Sikhs, Muslims and other immigrant communities. In RAG HEAD, Sundeep Morrison explores hate, hope and American identity while portraying seven inextricably linked characters whose lives are forever changed by one hateful act.

BOY VEY written & performed by Rachel Kaftan
10/29 @ 2:00pm, 11/1 @ 7:00pm & 11/1 @ 7:00pm
“BOY VEY” is an autobiographical show about the coming of age as a Jewish woman with inherited Holocaust trauma, through the lens of her misbegotten (and often comical) sex life.

One Woman Hamlet: Shake(speare) the Stigma Surrounding Mental Health written & performed by Kate Marie Smith
10/29 @ 7:00pm
Hamlet comes to life anew and breaks the stigma surrounding mental health and suicide, with the use of loop stations, puppets, projections, and music. Together, we can realize that It’s O.K Not To Be O.K.

Representation and How To Get It written by Joyce Van Dyke & performed by Elaine Vaan Hogue
10/29 @ 8:30pm
A fever dream and call to action by human rights activist Julia Ward Howe who asks, “What happens to your soul when you have no representation?” Appealing to her audience then and now, she sees a vision of America greater than the Founding Fathers’ – and what, she asks, are we doing to make it real?

Thank You For Trying to Make Me A Better Person written & performed by Mary Niederkorn
10/30 @ 2:00pm & 11/5 @ 8:30pm
No one has perfect parents as Mary Niederkorn’s “Thank You for Trying to Make Me a Better Person” points out. The show gives voice to a woman’s frustration and pain in the face of abuse, not at the hands of monsters but by loving parents, and the power of realizing she has the power to change her own destiny.

Muse90401 written and performed by Fadik Atasoy
10/30 @ 7:00pm
Muse90401written by, and starring, award winning actress Fadik Atasoy re-envisions the lives of famous women from art and literature through the perspective of rebellious Muse.

Schmaltzy & Princie: Diary of a Not-So-Great Daddy’s Girl written & performed by MaryLee Hermann
11/2 @ 7:00pm

MaryLee has always felt she was meant for something ‘big’ yet she has never been able to wholeheartedly commit to or finish anything. Her dad has been her best friend her entire life, always there to encourage and support. Her mother, not so much. Now in her fifties, still struggling to achieve her lifelong dreams the cacophony of voices in her head, the loudest of them being her ‘Feary Godmother’, don’t help. Or do they?

The Lion, the Witch & the Walk-in Closet written & performed by Kristy Beauvais
11/02 @ 8:30pm
Welcome to Kristy’s walk-in closet, where barbiturates can talk and wiffle ball bats can walk. Fame comes easy for Kristy in that walk-in closet. But this isn’t a coming out of the closet story… more of a going in. For Kristy, telling her story takes more than just a few journal entries. It requires a bit of song and dance, and a lot of help from her most recent client, Cloris. Yes, that Cloris. When she realizes that the lion and the witch are all part of who she is today, she arrives at the threshold of self-acceptance.

Hamlet (Solo) created & performed by Raoul Bhaneja
11/3 @ 7:00pm
Hamlet (solo) combines the ancient art of storytelling and the modern “one-man show” focusing on the three most essential elements of theatre: The Actor, The Text and The Audience. “Bare bones” in its presentation with actor Raoul Bhaneja playing seventeen parts in a two-hour version using only Shakespeare’s text.

self-made martyr written & performed by Hannah Burke 
11/04 @ 7:00pm
Written and performed by Hannah Burke, SELF-MADE MARTYR is a theatrical experiment most accurately characterized as a memory/lecture/stand-up set/solo performance/experiment/epic love poem.

Cats, Criminals and Comedians written & performed by Christine Ferrera
11/04 @ 8:30pm
Equal parts stand-up comedy, storytelling and cabaret, Cats, Criminals and Comedians brings performance art to life with inspiring tales of iconoclasts who rebelled against the gender oppression of a patriarchal art world. Fictionalized artists with monikers, such as “the crying artist” or “the hiding artist” allude to the masochistic tactics of durational performance while “B.I.T.C.H. Collective” speaks to the lengths to which marginalized artists must go to compete for limited resources.

Lady written by Eden Walker & performed by Teagle Walker
11/05 @ 2:00pm
A modern hybrid retelling of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, told from the perspective of Lady Macbeth as a biological teen age boy presenting as a women. The classical text is combined with modern vernacular, exploring the current ideologies confronting those coming of age in an era of highly scrutinized gender identity, sexual orientation, political alignment and social media.

Growthesque written & performed by Leeth Singhage AKA Shoodie
11/05 @ 4:00pm
A comedic/dramatic 45-minute play that includes fusion dance, songs, and multi-media elements, Growthesque charts a Sri Lankan teenager’s rollercoaster quest to find himself in a country undergoing the worst crises in its history..

A Time Traveler’s Guide to the Present written & performed by Doug Harvey
11/5 @ 7:00pm
A mysterious signal from the future causes 85% of the world to flake out and ghost their friends and family forever. Now, the only person who can travel through spacetime to stop it is a planetarium narrator named Doug. Fusing sci-fi, real science(!), and live music, A Time Traveler’s Guide to the Present is a far-out, amped-up, one-man show about the hunt for human connection. Also, there’s a caveman.

Mercedes and Zaruhi written by Anush Aslibekyan & performed by Nora Armani
11/6 @ 7:00pm
A monodrama about the repatriations to the Soviet Union in the late 1940s, Mercedes and Zaruhi is a play told by Zaruhi, the younger of two sisters brought up in Greece with the love of their homeland in their hearts and the possible return home constantly on their minds. Based on true events, the play represents an important page in Soviet History that is rarely discussed.

Made in America Written and performed by Teruko Nakajima
11/8 @ 7:00pm
Made in America is a shocking, raw autobiography about Teruko, a brave first-generation American artist that chose to immigrate to the States from Japan by her own will, faces obstacles and learns how to survive in America. This story is a confrontation of truth and confirmation of humanity. Her dog Titi is also performing too.

Have You Seen This Woman? Written and performed by Jessie-Ann Kohlman
11/9 @ 7:00pm & 11/13 @ 7:00pm
A college student offers a scattered recollection of her childhood trauma and the chaos leading up to her mother’s recent disappearance. As her narrative unravels, we realize she might not be the victim she claims to be. She may even have blood on her hands. 

TRAGIC MAGIC A STORY of RECOVERY written & performed by Sigute Miller
11/10 @ 7:00pm
A story addiction and recovery. Sigute experienced the dragon of addiction at an early age. Using song, poems and humor she weaves her traumatic and redemptive journey with raw honesty, and pathos.

HOMO AMERICANUS written & performed by Paul Cosma-Cimpoieru
11/11 @ 7:00pm
The universal story of the dreamer-fighter-survivor hidden inside each of us. Performer & Playwright Paul Cosma-Cimpoieru creates a montage of emotions that challenge an audience’s view of The American Dream.

The Child Behind the Eyes written by Nava Semel, performed by Manca Ogorevc
11/12 @ 2:00pm
The Child Behind the Eyes is a play about a woman who gave birth to a child with Down Syndrome. Her marriage is happy, her firstborn daughter is healthy, but the arrival of her son turns the family life upside down. The monodrama deals with accepting differences and general attitudes towards people with mental and physical disabilities.

FURY! written & performed by Lauren Bone Noble
11/12 @ 7:00pm & 11/13 @ 5:30pm
FURY!, written and performed by Lauren Bone Noble, is an interactive reimagining of the Medea myth in the satirical clowning style of Bouffon. The play weaves an intricate tale of ancient myth and contemporary madness. Part grotesque goddess, part impish provocateur, the clown asks the audience to examine its own delight, revulsion, and complicity in a mad, mad world.

Chocoholic written & directed by Lilly Dennis
11/12 @ 8:30pm
Past, present and future all come together to tell a story of loss, how death doesn’t just kill the life it takes but also leaves a horrible path of grief in its wake. A young woman is on trial in the ‘court of preposterous addictions’ for being an ‘out-of-control chocoholic with the audience as jury and Actor/Creator Lily Dennis embodying multiple characters to tell a hilarious and ultimately heartbreaking tale.

Norwid’s Return performed by Marek Probosz
11/13 @ 3:30pm
A minimalistic contemporary dialogue between the actor and the pianist, a rich tapestry between words and music in which Norwid pulsates with emotion and provokes with every thought.
By melding and cleaving a stage play and musical performance, it illuminates the Norwidean darkness, solitude and complexity of his mind. The rejected visionary, a homeless emigrant returns to us today, more then 200 years after his birth, as one of the greatest world poets, a contemporary innovator who delights, cheers, moves, and shocks with aesthetic radicalism.

This Is It written & performed by Tamara Hickey
11/15 @ 7:00pm & 11/16 @ 2:00pm
In a moment of suspension after a tragic accident, a woman dissects the story of her life in a search for meaning. From her own autopsy on a gurney through an explosive journey of unique experiences, we watch her embody a multitude of characters with pathos, absurdity, and wit.

QUEEN OF FISHTOWN written & performed by Katierose Enriquez
11/15 @ 8:30 & 11/19 @ 7:00pm
“SURPRISE!” In one fell swoop Philly girl, Kathleen Burke turns forty, learns she will be a grandmother and has a heart attack. And that really pisses her off. Ultimately, she learns that self-care isn’t selfish.

Good Jew written & performed by Frank Blocker
11/16 @ 7:00pm
“From his St. Louis suburban den, Holocaust survivor Henryk Altman faces an interviewer. From the time his mother gives him pork bone as a teething ring, Henryk struggles with what is meant to be a “good Jew.” Fifteen when Poland was invaded, Henryk navigates the ghetto, escaping Treblinka twice, and “passing for white” to get through the war. He makes his way from Poland, through Germany, making it to Norway when the war ended. He did not make it out by being good. “No one can be good and survive a thing like that. Told with humor and hope, this survivor’s stories are unique to him but universal to all. The play is based on a multitude of interviews from a single survivor.”

This is the Plays written & performed by Ryan Simmons
11/16 @ 8:30pm
An interactive comic look into the world of Mormon musical kitsch from the 1970s and 80’s and its very serious effect on women. Winner of the Best One-Man Show award in the 2018 Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival.

Too Young to be a Widow written & performed by Susana Hornos
11/17 @ 7:00pm
The show speaks boldly of death and mourning, free from taboos. It is born from the experience of a woman who lived a happy marriage outside of common standards—they were 40 years apart. A love story In spite of it all, where grief is overcome in the most unexpected way: by creating a show. 

Un-M-Othered: A Story of Adoption and Patriarchy written and performed by Liz DeBetta
11/18 @ 7:00pm
Playwright & Performer Liz Debetta tells the story of being an adopted woman, through poetry, spoken word, and narrative elements. The show illuminates the impacts of trauma, lack of access to birth records, and the ways that women are denied agency in patriarchal society.

The Jackie of All Trades written & performed by Sandrell Ross
11/18 @ 8:30pm
The Jackie of All Trades’ is the story of a woman containing way too much talent to keep to herself. She’s made history by being the first person to be nominated in 5 diverse award shows. She goes back in history to explain how it all came to be.

Dried Apricots written & performed by Eleonora Saravalle
11/19 @ 2:00pm
A Young Woman recounts the last few days of her life leading up to the release of her first romance novel, a bodice-ripper, and slowly reveals the way this book is poised to undermine her relationships and unravel what remains of the meager life she lives.

Off the Rails written & performed by Tami Evans
11/18 @ 1pm & 11/19 @ 8:30pm
Join Tami Evans for a ride on the A Train that changed everything. A journey filled with hilarious and poignant side sparks and wisdom only gained by putting your perfect on pause and failing with flair.

Out to Pasture written by Michelle Carter & performed by Alison Gilbreath
11/20 @ 2:00pm
Jennifer, a hard-working, married mother of two trys to maintain her social life, love life, and sanity while coming to terms with turning 50. Out to Pasture explores the humorous and raw moments of grappling with a changing identity in a world that gives few options for what a woman can be.

United Solo Festival Closing Gala
She Has Wings written by Wendy-Lane Bailey, Michelle Brourman & Omar Sangare
11/20 @ 7:00pm
Stories and the music of composer Michele Brourman come together to reveal women facing life’s turning points. Co-Created and directed by Festival Founder & Artistic Director Omar Sangare.

A gala closing celebration of 2022 United Solo Festival


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